Sports Management Certificate

The required courses for this certficate are listed below:

  • 1. CEM 551 Sports Public Relations
  • 2. CEM 586 Sports Law and Risk Management
  • 3. CEM 544 Sports Marketing


(This is currenlty not visiable but has a place holder)

  • CEM_544_small.jpg

    Sports Marketing

    CEM 544 Sports Marketing: A study of sport marketing principles and the elements of the marketing mix. (4 CEUs) To purchase the textbook, please visit the Academy Bookstore . Section ...

  • CEM_551_small.jpg

    Sports Public Relations

    CEM 551 Sports Public Relations: A study of the nature, content and application of public relations in sport programs. Also includes concepts of sport fundraising activities. (4 CEU) To purchase ...

  • CEM_586_small.jpg

    Sports Law and Risk Management

    CEM 586 Sports Law and Risk Management: Introduces students to the fundamental tenets of the law and familiarizes them with the legal structure and accompanying terminology. (4 CEUs) To purchase ...