Welcome to the PowerMethod – course. PowerMethod is a functional strength training concept developed by Finnish physiotherapists. PowerMethod is suitable for individuals, for group coaching and group exercise training. Individual and group coaching, for example sport teams, focuses on the development of strength features/capabilities according to individual needs. Group coaching can be, for example, small group coaching in the gym or physical coaching in a sports team. The concept develops strength, movement control and mobility taking into account the musculoskeletal system and myofascial function. PowerMethod strength training also serves as a rehabilitation training to rehabilitate/treat injuries or ailments. Strength training is important to every person and should focus more and more on exercise techniques, individual mobility and movement control to ensure safe and effective training. The coaching perspective is more important in PowerMethod than just the exercise instructions, as this program focuses on learning the optimal exercise techniques. Strength training is always performed within the range of motion that the client is currently able to perform.

Tuition: $250.00
Class Length: 15 Weeks
Course completion
  • Actual completion is 16 weeks from registration.

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