The Academy’s online, video-driven ProMethod course is available for students interested in learning this cutting edge body maintenance program for themselves or their personal training clients. The ProMethod is built to help you optimize movement control, mobility and overall athletic performance for yourself or your fitness clients. The method can be used in training activities and will help boost athletic performance in all sports. ProMethod is designed by experienced physiotherapists and the method can be applied to all individuals from young children to senior citizens. The Academy’s ProMethod course is driven by video demonstrations led by technique developers from ProFTraining Finland. Students will also have access to video lessons explaining the sound science behind the ProMethod, written course materials, and more. Students who complete the ProMethod course will become certified to plan and instruct their own ProMethod body maintenance program for themselves, their personal training clients, or in group fitness sessions. (5 CEUs)

Tuition: $250.00
Class Length: 15 Weeks
Course completion
  • Actual completion is 16 weeks from registration.

Course Sections — Con Ed 202021